Communication: The Kempner Fund welcomes grantee engagement and welcomes updates from organizations and funded programs and projects. Please keep in touch.

Grant Reports: Grant reports are due 11 months from the application due date.
Feb. 15 Report Deadline: Health and Human Services grantees
Sept. 15 Report Deadline: Arts & Humanities, Community Development, Education, Environment, and Preservation Grantees

Report Format: A final evaluative report on the use of the funds is due by the date specified above or as described in the grant award letter, including

  • For capital and project/program grants – a brief report describing how the grant funds were used, outcomes on proposed goals and activities, including number of clients served
  • For operations and capacity-building – a brief activities summary and a year-to-date statement of income and expenses showing budgeted and actual

Please contact the Kempner Fund office: with any questions.